Introduction to Bishop’s Castle Patients Group

Bishop’s Castle Patients Group (BCPG) was established in 2012. The Steering Group was appointed by the PCT (Primary Care Trust – forerunner to the CCG, Clinical Commissioning Group) after a public meeting in the Community Hospital. It aims to help foster good relationships between Practice and patients and to represent patients’ views and needs. BCPG works with Bishop’s Castle Medical Practice to maintain and improve health care provision in Bishop’s Castle and its environs. Additionally, BCPG is actively involved with Shropshire Patients Group which represents patients groups to the Clinical Commissioning Group which is responsible for health care provision. BCPG also works to understand NHS developments with a view to supporting health care in the area.

BCPG membership

All patients are considered general members of BCPG. All active (defined as members of Steering or Task Groups) members of BCPG are volunteers. BCPG is managed by a Steering Group which sets up Task Groups as and when required. General members can join any of the Task Groups and can feed information in to the Steering Group. See BCPG Terms of Reference here.

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