Communications Task Group

The main areas of involvement for the Communications Task Group:

  • Website
  • Notice boards: these are located in the surgery and on the pharmacy
  • Pamphlets: BCPG to publish a series of pamphlets to support patients
  • Face-to-face
  • Drop box: available by reception hatch at surgery and emptied frequently
  • Press: key events and news will be the subject of press releases
  • Publicising PG work: information on BCPG activity available on the website
  • Email mailing list: mailing list to be set up and will be announced on this site
  • Newsletter: irregular newsletters can be used to publicise events, etc. Will also be available on this website.

The generation and analysis of patient surveys is also the responsibility of  the Communications Task Group.

The Communications Task Group is led by Jean Rice.

Val Corfield is responsible for overseeing issues relating to patient surveys conducted by BCPG.