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For advice to patients please see the Home Page of the Bishops Castle Medical Practice website. Please note that anyone thinking they might have contracted the virus should NOT go to the surgery in person but should go to the NHS 111 website.

See also:

Covid-19 Community Support South West Shropshire

Help for anyone in the Bishop’s Castle Surgery or School Catchment Area

For Help and Advice please call:

Jeremy Hall – 07967 306615

Anne Roberts – 01588 630165 or 07891 717728

Glynn Roberts – 01588 630165 or 07980 266345

Grant Perry – 07949 714959

Josh Dickin – 07530 691106

Valerie Woodmansey – 01588 650940 or 07986 237683

We can arrange help with Shopping, Prescriptions, Supplies or anything else you may need help with.

If we don’t have the answer we will point you to someone who will.


To offer YOUR Help to this Community Programme please call:

Evelyn Bowles – 01588 638851

Gwilym Rippon – 01588 638141

We will act responsibly to ensure everybody’s health and safety.

Please follow the NHS guidelines to keep yourself and others safe. The Covid 19 virus is spread in droplets expelled when people cough. It can live for up to 72 hours outside the human body on surfaces it lands on, skin, hair, clothes and objects of all kinds. This is why people are advised to keep their distance from one another and wash their hands regularly and avoid touching door handles, buttons, screens etc. in public use.

If you have the symptoms – a new, repeated cough and a fever – and live alone, stay at home for 7 days, look for advice from reputable sources – the BBC and NHS websites. (search coronavirus)

Take paracetamol as recommended on the pack and keep a check on your temperature.

If you live with others and ONE of you has the symptoms, you should all stay home for 14 days

If your condition worsens and you cannot manage the symptoms you should contact NHS 111 online.

Only phone 111 if you can’t get help online.

But you are NOT alone! For practical help and social support we are here for you.