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For advice to patients please see the Home Page of the Bishops Castle Medical Practice website. Please note that anyone thinking they might have contracted the virus should NOT go to the surgery in person but should go to the NHS 111 website.

Clap for our Carers 8 pm Thursday 26 March

An opportunity to show our appreciation – probably best done from our front doors or windows.

Covid-19 Community Support South West Shropshire

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Message from Evelyn Bowles of 20 March 2020:

Hello All,

This has been our first operational day, I have asked two volunteers to collect and deliver prescriptions and both missions were carried out with real dedication – Thank you!

Volunteers who came on board last night and today, whose details I took, have been joined by those who volunteered earlier in response to the Town Council call. Some of you offered your services in response to both calls. I have been merging the list and we hope that all will now receive the information and referrals for action from one coordinated support group. Other volunteers may have been contacted by colleagues taking calls from those who need help. It would be good to hear how that has gone

Below you will find the guidance sheet on Handling items during collection and home delivery, which have been agreed with the Co-op and Pharmacy in BC. Some of you will already have seen these, so please bear with me recirculating them.

We are hoping Spar will be able to be part of this system – it has been discussed with the assistant manager but awaits the say so from the local manager and their finance team regarding phone payments. Today one of our volunteers began negotiations for us with traders at Lydham Market. Some traders are keen to take part but payments for orders present a few difficulties. As the numbers of people who feel confident about mixing socially while shopping reduces, we do hope we can enable at least some of the local producers at this market to maintain sales.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered, there are already 30 of you willing to make face to face deliveries to the door and others who will make phone calls and send emails to those who are self-isolating to keep up morale. If you are worried about anyone suffering low mood who might appreciate a friendly chat, encourage them to contact us.

Keep well, everyone, Evelyn

Covid-19 Community Support South West Shropshire


Handling items during collection & home delivery

We will always advise volunteers if they are going to a home possibly affected by the virus.

We anticipate that most of the calls will be to people who are staying at home as a precaution due to age or a pre-existing health problem.

But none of us know whether we have touched something in the public domain which has the virus on it, so the following precautions should be applied every time you collect and deliver shopping or prescriptions.

The Co-op Foodstore in BC takes orders and payments from customers over the phone. We will ask the pharmacy to do the same. You will not handle money.

  • Shopping will be transported in large lidded plastic boxes which we will supply to volunteers, unless they have their own
  • TAKE a clean lidded plastic box to the rear of the shop and knock. Ask for the shopping for your recipient, checking the address.
  • The staff will have packed it ready into 1 or 2 bags
  • You should take the lid off the box and hold it out for them to put in the shopping, then you put on the lid
  • Ring ahead to tell the recipient you will be outside in X minutes
  • Greet them when the door opens and ask them to make room inside the door for you to put the box down. Tell them that you will take off the lid and then ask them to take out the bags
  • Do this making it clear that only they are to touch the bags and only you will touch the box (take a pair of clean rubber gloves in your pocket in case the bags are too heavy for them to lift out)
  • When the shopping has been removed and the recipient has moved back a little, retrieve the box. If it feels right to stay and chat do so, you might be the only person the recipient sees that day

The process is exactly the same for collecting and delivering prescriptions.

We hope that every volunteer will be able to provide their own lidded plastic box (e.g. reused ice cream container) for this purpose. If a large box is needed one may be available at the pharmacy or Decorative Antiques.

After each delivery, please clean the used box inside and out in a 1:9 solution of bleach and water to kill the virus. If you have used gloves, wash them too. Unless you have been asked to keep the large box return it to Decorative Antiques.

DO NOT GO INSIDE THE HOUSE – this is for your and the recipient’s protection