Terms of Reference

All patients are considered general members of BCPG. All active (defined as members of Steering or Task Groups) members of BCPG are volunteers. The structure of BCPG is:

  • Steering Group;
  • Task Groups set up as and when required;
  • General members.

BCPG Steering Group is limited to a workable maximum (currently considered to be nine members). The Steering Group appoints the following officers on a 12-monthly tenure: chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer. Steering Group decisions are based on simple majority where a meeting quorum (>50% Steering Group membership) exists.

Task Groups are permanent or temporary, depending on need and can be set up through the Steering Group as and when required. Membership of Task Groups is not limited and is open to all general members. One Steering Group member is to be active within each Task Group.


BCPG aims to help foster good relationships between Practice and patients by:

  1. understanding patients’ views of Practice and care: both negative and positive, and impartially representing this within the Practice;
  2. understanding staff and partners’ views of Practice and care and impartially representing this within the community;
  3. providing a conduit between patients and Practice and vice versa;
  4. assisting, where appropriate, with communications to and from the Practice;
  5. assisting, where appropriate, with information dissemination;
  6. contributing to decision making and programme implementation when invited to do so, or where appropriate (e.g. ’flu programme);
  7. initiating / supporting / suggesting / discussing possible improvements / changes to Practice;
  8. maintaining an active interest and involvement in wider health issues potentially affecting Practice patients.

BCPG will remain independent of the Practice. BCPG will maintain an active involvement in Shropshire Patients’ Group, SW Locality Patients’ Group and other groups related to NHS provision in the region.

BCPG will not:

  1. represent individual complaints – there exists a well-established NHS procedure – but shall identify general issues and concerns;
  2. act individually or represent a personal agenda: PG members are part of a group and cannot follow personal initiatives without the explicit sanctioning of the PG;
  3. meddle.

It is expected that active members commit to attendance at respective group meetings. If active members fail to attend three or more consecutive meetings, they may be asked to resign active membership.

All active members are expected to maintain confidentiality where required.

Members’ interests relevant to the Patients Group should be registered with the Steering Group.

Members with a vested interest in any element of any meeting must offer, or be asked, to withdraw from that part of the meeting.

In the event of a vacancy on the Steering Group ad hoc appointments will be decided on the basis of written requests for membership from general members. Preference will be given to those who have already shown a commitment within Task Groups.

BCPG revised 17/4/2013