What is BCPG for?

We’re sometimes asked what BCPG is for and what it does. You can see the full terms of reference here, but for a practical explanation see below.

What is BCPG for?
BCPG is an independent, volunteer group whose function is to:

  1. facilitate good communications between patients and the practice (and vice versa);
  2. provide feedback to and from patients;
  3. support patients and the practice;
  4. try to understand the needs of Bishop’s Castle Medical Practice patients and help the practice to satisfy those needs;
  5. try to understand the changes happening in the NHS and act to get the best medical services for the area

What does BCPG do?
To achieve these functions, BCPG:

  • conducts patient surveys and publishes results and action plans; holds patients meetings;
  • publishes patient information pamphlets;
  • publishes information on noticeboards and website;
  • helps promote public health information (e.g. MMR innoculations, ‘flu programme, etc.);
  • provides communication routes: drop box in surgery, email address, phone contact, website and in person for patient feedback and comments;
  • suggests and helps implement improvements to service;
  • monitors complaints and compliments – and follows up any trends;
  • holds frequent meetings with GPs and practice staff and feeds information back to patients;
  • attends area meetings covering NHS changes and monitors and feeds back useful information;
  • provides feedback to SPG (Shropshire Patients’ Group), CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) and NHS England regarding NHS provision

… and anything else that will help to fulfil these functions